archiving artistic anxieties (under construction)

We are doing some work on the site

What to expect…

We foresee a noisy archiving platform,

one of the outcomes of the project Archiving Artistic Anxieties,

by the artist Adrijana Gvozdenović.

We foresee an essay of sorts,

or an experimental publication that will take the form of an essay,

where the writing is a way to reflect on the different activities and events realized this year, marking the moments that led to it.


Throughout the essay, those concepts will be introduced and explored:

archiving artistic anxieties, archiving as exhibiting, artistic anxieties otherwise and otherwise exhibiting defining the area of activity such as exhibiting and proposing a shift focusing on its temporal aspect – from exhibition to exhibiting – to imagine otherwise.

Form (that is also a content) …

The idea of the online publication is to make visible the writing and editing process of the essay, by showing the different steps from the collaboration between the artist Sina Seifee, developer and designer of the website; together with the artists Goda Palekaite, Pia Louwerence and the linguist/political scientist Kristina Gvozdenović, who make up the editorial team.

Next to the digital material (texts, photos, voice and sound recordings) the site will have a possibility to generate pdfs – a kind of artist’s books co-edited by the website user.

Why? and Thanks to …

This publication is supported and produced by the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp and a.pass (advanced performance and scenography studies).

You can have an insight into parts of this process, developed in the last two years in the collective studying environment of a.pass (platform for artistic research in Brussels), throughout the research portfolio, which documents six activities and six specific sites that shaped the concept of Otherwise Exhibiting.

Since the beginning this year, as a continuation in these lines, the project Archiving Artistic Anxieties has been developing within the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Antwerp and the Research Centre of a.pass.