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www.archivingartisticanxieties.me is a noisy visual archive and online publication that takes the form of an essay. This platform is a way to reflect and diffract from the different activities and events realised within the research “Archiving Artistic Anxieties,” by Adrijana Gvozdenović. The writing and editing processes are exposed and show the different steps of the collaboration and their constructive agencies.


archiving artistic anxieties

– letters for the enemy of both sides


As a website, the publication can host the future thinking and events of the same research project. The parts developed in the collaboration are the structure for working.

The design and the structure of the website is done by Sina Seifee. All the elements of the essay: the text, the documentation of events, the hyperlinks and the comments take place together on the screen.

The ‘anxiety egg’ can be dragged, allowing the reader to decide where she wants to focus on.

A click on this egg, opens the window to go back to the home page, and a ‘search’ option.

There is also an option to generate a pdf, that is a paper version of navigation though the website and reading of the essay.