7 anxieties and the world

Performing with a smoke machine, a blue light, a microphone, a music of stone sculptures, a written script and a publication box containing 22 cards.

location: HECTOLITRE in Brussels
1st and 2nd February 2019.

Introducing the Otherwise Exhibiting is a position to affirm a territory of activity, such as exhibiting (that is able to involve time, space, artist, curator, institution, audience..), and then to propose a shift, to declare a disconformity, which allows for a space of freedom and transformation of what is already given (habits, prejudices, accustomed ways of operating… )

After the presentation of the research subject, I asked audience to pick a card from the box they received and I read a text related to to object depicted on the card. The object comes from the exhibition or a public presentation of other artists.

Reading manifesto together with the stone sculptures’ music
Talking through the voices of others







photos © Steven Jouwersma

This performance developed into a card-reading: a tool for conversation and a research methodology.