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Letters from India and Portugal by three artists who become one writer, who is The Time – marked only by the date. The text is written from the perspective of the guest, of the one who is being hosted.

The time(line)s:

  • The diary timeline
    • happens in two collective houses, one in Portugal and another in India
    • the last date of the diary timeline is the invitation to do the essay together
  • The commentary timeline
    • happens after they decided to do the collective writing and they comment on each others’ and their own thoughts, connecting them to the very present issues and also the writing of the essay itself

Subject – Sharing the (artistic) strategies of survival:

  • understanding our bodies as precarious
  • living together apart
  • fighting the demons of success: the romantic ideas, great desires, certain futuremethods:
    • note-taking and writing a diary as if someone would read it
    • keep up together maintaining the house, keeping the routine
    • developing relationships with animals, plants and machines
    • following the flow of “coincidences”, how things relate to each other