To a young Woman of Bright Future

Invited by Piero Bisello, the exhibition was conceived within the project brussels-midi-spoor-7, exploring a public waiting room at the train station as a working and presenting space.

On invitation to contribute to this project by ‘filling up’ two leftover spaces: one of the risograph printing plate and the other of the public waiting room, I started several processes to explore their potential as conditions for working and presenting. These thoughts were shared in public gathering and later on the website.
Each day of 7 days of the exhibition, I published gradually the documentation of the period of time I went to the waiting room, using it as my studio: to read, write, have meetings, listen, record…
I started this performative action from the day I accepted the invitation to be part of the project until and including the opening event.
to see daily publications, scroll down on the project website ->>>>>> brussels-midi-spoor-7